Sugar,Sugar Game is a great physics-based drawing game, which is created by Bart Bonte.

The goal is to draw lines, objects, shapes or whatever things to get enough sugar in all the cups. Each level has different background and you need to find the way to draw.

Some levels require the right color sugar, you must send the sugar through the filter to get color sugar. Draw Steeper lines will make the sugar fall quickly and faster.

Sugar,sugar game give the bonus Freeplay Mode, but you need to complete all 30 levels to unlock it.

How to play Sugar,sugar game

Use your mouse to draw and play Sugar,sugar game. When you get stuck, there’s a ‘Reset Level’ button. Have Fun !

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  1. This game is awesome! I wish there were more games of this kind. Please, make some more! :) maybe there could be water instead of sugar :)

    Have fun! :)

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